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RCA Spring Newsletter brings many Topics for Members

Winter is behind us in Rabun county. This year it brought massive amounts of rain, many mudslides and a new SPLOST for the Citizens of Rabun County. Spring is here however and the native azaleas and rhododendrons are in full bloom.

In March, Rabun voters approved a new 6-year SPLOST (1,329 positive and 754 negative). The RCA previously recommended a negative vote to its members due to the County's lack of strategic Road planning and SPLOST transparency. Click here to read a Clayton Tribune article about the new SPLOST. Two months later, we are pleased to report that newly emerging positive changes may be occurring within the County regarding needed transparency to it's citizens. We certainly hope this continues.

Other topics included in this newsletter, new County road work, a new County comprehensive plan coming, a new Clayton downtown master plan in the works, upcoming budget discussions for a 2019/2020 County budget and many other items.

The RCA is continuing to monitor all of these items for our members. Please contact us with any questions or comments you might have. Your feedback is very important.

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