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RCA Meets with Newly Elected Rabun County Commissioners

On Tuesday, November 20, RCA officials Charlie Brundage and Mike Walters met with newly-elected Rabun County Commissioners Kent Woerner and Scott Crane for lunch and discussion regarding their upcoming participation in Rabun County leadership. In addition to congratulating each on his election, Charlie and Mike sought to gain insight regarding their thoughts on some of the issues RCA has focused on regarding County direction and activities, such as the SDS stalemate, SPLOST administration, environmental protection and mountainside development, etc. Charlie and Mike reported that the discussion was very productive. Both are encouraged that, from what Kent and Scott expressed in the meeting, their views on priorities for future County actions are largely in line with what RCA hopes to accomplish. Charlie and Mike are also encouraged that periodic discussions with County officials will be easier to arrange than in the recent past, and that both Scott and Kent seem attuned to accepting input from constituents.

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