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November Elections are on the Way

November elections in Georgia and Rabun County are on November 6th. The Rabun County Alliance (RCA) has mailed over 5,000 sample ballots to all registered voters in Rabun County. We also have interviewed all Rabun County Commissioner candidates and profiled them for you. Sample ballots are also available for review on our website. You can find those profiles and the sample ballot here on the RCA website.

These are important times in Rabun County. Your vote can make a difference. Over the past year the Rabun County Government has struggled with solving important issues in Rabun County. These issues impact you and your finances. They recently raised your property taxes which impacts every voter on some level. They have failed to negotiate a Service Delivery Strategy with the City of Clayton over the last three years, which has cost the county hundreds of thousands of dollars in State grants.

If you cannot vote on November 6th please click here to view our Rabun Election Headquarters page on the RCA website on how to request an absentee ballot from Rabun County. Early voting times are also shown here.

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