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RABUN SPLOST #7, Needs your attention!

We want to inform our Members of the upcoming March 19, 2019 Vote on SPLOST #7. The RCA website contains critical information available to you about the upcoming SPLOST. Click here for our SPLOST information page. A Public Forum is now planned February 28th at the Rabun County Courthouse to learn more details about the SPLOST. The RCA will publish our Spring Newsletter after this Forum , so watch for it's arrival shortly after the Forum. Our Newsletter is now digitally delivered. We ask you to let us know only if you would still like this newsletter mailed to you. Simply click here , give us your name and your mailing address. It will continue to be mailed to you.

Other voter involved entities in Rabun County are also expressing serious concern about the upcoming SPLOST#7 vote. We have joined with the Rabun County Coalition For Good Government to send out SPLOST information cards to all registered voters in Rabun County. Click here for a copy of this card. The RCA takes no position at this time supporting a YES or NO vote on this SPLOST.

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