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RCA is going digital for Members

The Rabun County Alliance (RCA) wants to strengthen and improve our communication with our Members. You recently received a test email from us confirming your email addresses. Very shortly we will begin sending you timely emails updating you on important and urgent matters that may impact you in Rabun County.

We don't want to bother you but we have found that some matters that occur just cannot wait until the Quarterly Newsletter is published. We also will begin publishing the newsletter online for your convenience and to save money. Don't worry, if you want it by mail we will continue to send it to you in that manner at your option for now.

We also have a new website that is more dynamic and interactive than in the past. In the future it will become our primary source of information to Members regarding current events. You can view the new website at The website will also give us feedback on issues that you are concerned about. Eventually, we will add the capability to accept dues online, avoiding check writing by you.

Finally , you will see on the website our renewed efforts regarding Membership. We need more members in order to have a strong voice in Rabun County Government. To entice new members we have instituted a limited time offer to new members as shown on the website. Should you find value in your Membership, now is the time to invite others to join.

Reach out to us anytime at our email address,

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