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About the RCA


Rabun County Alliance (RCA)  is a political action group serving the needs of Rabun County voters, residents and property owners.  Property owners in Rabun County are concerned about the level of taxes being paid in relation to the services being received. Simply stated, property owners want better roads, increased law enforcement, lower fire insurance rates, and better health care. All Rabun County residents are equally concerned about the rapid rise in our taxes, zoning, the environment, and other ‘quality of life’ issues. The organization is focused on the Rabun County administration and government.  


The mission of the Rabun County Alliance is to improve those areas essential to the enjoyment of our properties and the protection of the value of these important assets. This includes improving and maintaining our roads, safety, ridges, water quality of streams and lakes, fire protection, waste removal, zoning, and other issues that may arise.


The strategy of the Rabun County Alliance is to:

1.     Increase the membership in Rabun County Alliance  of concerned property owners

2.     Increase voter registration of property owners

3.     Elect competent and committed individuals

4.     Communicate status of key issues to the membership and to our elected officials

5.     Work in concert with elected officials and other key organizations to protect and enhance the value of our Rabun County properties.

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